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This website was developed by Strategic Security with goal of providing some help to people wanting to learn more about Advanced Persistent Threat.

About The CEO of Strategic Security

Joe McCray is an Air Force Veteran and has been in security for over 10 years. Joe has been involved in over 150 very high level pentesting assessments and has some major hacking accomplishments that he can share with his classes. His extensive experience and deep knowledge, mixed with his comedic style has lead Joe to be one of the most highly sought after speaking experts in the industry. Joe makes speaking appearances and gives seminars at major events in the security community such as Black Hat, DefCon, BruCon, Hacker Halted and more. Joe is the recipient of the 2009 EC-Council Instructor Circle of Excellence Award and the 2010 EC-Council Instructor of the Year Award. Joe is the founder and CEO of Strategic Security an IT Security consulting firm that provides in-depth technical security assessments of your network, web application, and regulatory compliance gap analysis.

About Strategic Security, Inc.

Strategic Security, Inc., is an IT Security consulting firm that provides in-depth technical security assessments of networks, web applications, and regulatory compliance gap analysis (ex: PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27000, etc). Strategic Security also helps companies by providing them with guidance on integrating security into their software development lifecycle, building an enterprise security program, and much more.


Who To Contact For More Information

You can contact Joe McCray at:

Toll Free:                             1-866-892-2132




GPG Key:                   


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